Meet the Jonesboro Middle School
Community and Student Engagement Team


6th Grade

Larry Baker



















My name is Larry Baker and I was born, raised, and educated, all within a ten-mile radius, on the southwest side of Atlanta. From the classrooms of Atlanta Public Schools to the yard of Clark Atlanta University, I have always been blessed with a solid parental support system. My parents are from different “sides of the tracks” which exposed me to my mother’s strong respect for pursuing educational opportunities and my father’s constant training in the art of street smarts as well as the importance of longevity on the job. My home and up-bringing built the foundation that guides me as a father, husband, and servant in the community of Jonesboro Middle School.

Attending North Atlanta School of the Arts temporarily placed me out of my comfort zone, but it was here that I was exposed to two of my passions; public speaking and performing on a variety of stages.

I have worked in public school systems for 17 years in many capacities. Each position has exposed me to all types of students, always keeping their best interests in the forefront. I strive daily to support students and parents beyond academics, behavior, and attendance. My philosophy is that if I’ve helped one young person improve the quality of his/her life or the lives of their family, my efforts and dedication have not been in vain.

During my free time, I am a recreational league football official and a baseball umpire. I also enjoy painting and writing lyrics.

Please contact me at Larry.Baker@Clayton.K12.GA.US 

7th Grade

Tamara McNeil


Welcome to a Fantastic New School Year!

My name is Tamara McNeil, and I am the 7th Grade Student Engagement Specialist (SES) at Jonesboro Middle School. It is an honor to be able to collaborate with your scholars in this capacity. My role at JMS is to motivate, encourage, and mentor each scholar in order for them to achieve their goals. I am a native of Hartford, Connecticut, a product of the Hartford County School District, and a graduate of the ELITE Sport and Medical Sciences Academy college-preparatory high school. I received my Master of Science from Post University, affiliated with the world-renowned Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan. I have over 15 years of experience working with students in grades K-12 and higher education as a Spanish teacher/professor, enrollment counselor, and mentor. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with the scholars and families of the Jonesboro community as we work to create a healthy and stimulating environment in which scholars can thrive and excel. 

It is expected that all of our students will come to school every day and participate in all class activities to support the JMS student model of being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn and Grow in all situations.

If any of your scholars or families require additional assistance. I'm excited to start and continue this journey toward each scholar's success, as well as the connections we'll all make along the way.


Please contact me at: 


8th Grade

Estellena Scott

My name is Mrs. Estellena Scott and I have been working for this wonderful school district since January 2014. I started off as a School Bus driver where I obtained my driver instructor license to train and teach state CDL classes. I then moved on to become an Administrative Assistant at the wonderful school of Huie Elementary. Now, I have transitioned over to Jonesboro Middle School where I am the 8th Grade Student Engagement Specialist. I grew up in this county, which pushes me daily to work harder with our students. I understand the culture which motives me to motivate our students. 


In my spare time, let's just say working at Jonesboro Middle is like my 2nd job. My main and most important job is being a wife to my amazing husband and the best mother I can be to my 6-year-old son. I have a lot to be thankful for,  just knowing that I was able to meet my husband at Morrow High School. Yes, we are high school sweethearts. 

Overall, the students are the reason why I come to this building every day. Growing up in Clayton County I was grateful to have instructors to be there for me, even if I was not showing that I was. I try to thank them daily by instilling in the students what they tried to instill in me. 


Please contact me at Estellena.Scott@Clayton.K12.GA.US 

Antonio McGaha

My name is Antonio McGaha and I am the new Communities in Schools site coordinator here at Jonesboro Middle School. It is indeed a pleasure and honor to serve the student population and surrounding community. I hold a degree in social work from Georgia State University and have 19 years of experience in education including extensive work in special education dealing with kids with behavioral disorders. As a result, I bring a wealth of experience, skill, enthusiasm, compassion, and creativity to this position as site coordinator. I am very passionate about educating and empowering young individuals and will fully utilize this quality in effort to ensure that the students here are successful academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Please contact me at: amcgaha@cisatlanta.org

Colorful Notebooks
Our Approach

In Check & Connect, the "Check" component refers to the process where mentors systematically monitor student performance variables (e.g., absences, tardies, behavioral referrals, grades), while the "Connect" component refers to mentors providing personalized, timely interventions to help students solve problems, build skills, and enhance competence. Mentors work with caseloads of students and families for at least two years, functioning as liaisons between home and school and striving to build constructive family-school relationships.

SES Duties

• Weekly - Individual or group social and emotional sessions with JMS scholars and teachers
• Daily - Visiting and observing students' needs, in and out of the classrooms
• Ongoing -  Tracking students' attendance, grades, and behaviors regularly
• Everyday - Collaborating with and providing feedback to students and stakeholders.

At Jonesboro Middle School, "We believe in ourselves and are committed to being RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY to learn and grow in every situation."

- Kimberlee Barnett, Head of School